American Go Association Historical Book, compiled and edited by Craig Hutchinson. AGA; 1995, 1996.

This is a pair of books. The 1995 book contains lots of history of the AGA, indices about the AGA bulletin/journal/newsletter, a game and fuseki index, and a historical bibliography. The 1996 book contains updated versions of the game and fuseki index and the bibliography, and a list of the contents of the Robinson Go Library.

It's is a must for collectors, because the bibliography is the best bibliography of go literature in European languages available anywhere. The bibliography includes books, articles, software, etc., and is quite complete. If you're only interested in the bibliography, just get the 1996 book, because it supercedes the 1995 bibliography.

Many (all?) of the articles listed in the bibliography have been made available in the American Go Association Historical Articles Book, two volumes, also published by the AGA. Another volume of interest is the American Go Association Historical Publication Album.

The 1995 Historical book costs $10 and the 1996 book costs $5; S/H is $2 each.

An updated version of the index to the bibliography is available online.

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