Dictionary of Go Names, by John Fairbairn. Self-published; 1998.

As the Introduction says, "This onomasticon contains over 2,500 entries for go players and personalities past and present from Japan, China, and Korea." These entries have the name (both in characters, hangul script (if appropriate), and Roman script (possibly with multiple readings)) and biographical data (sometimes just the bare birth/death/ranking/etc., but sometimes a brief biographical sketch). It seems quite thorough and well-researched; if you've wanted a source for this kind of information with more depth than that provided by The Go Player's Almanac, this is the book for you.

It was self-published in a small quantity; copies are no longer available, alas. But all is not lost: the author says: "The book has been superseded by the much enlarged Games of Go on Disk version where it is enhanced by a program that enables readers not familiar with Oriental scripts to look up character-based names easily. This digital version is updated three times a year."

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