Go: The World's Most Fascinating Game, by the Nihon Kiin. Two volumes. The Nihon Kiin; 1973.

This is a two volume series of introductory books. The first volume, Introduction, introduces the rules and gives a sample game. The second volume, Basic Techniques, gives basic techniques. (Surprise, surprise.) They're each just under 100 pages without a lot of words on the page. The contents are reasonably standard for beginners' books.

I think that these were distributed by the Nihon Kiin to various go clubs in order to popularize the game. They're out of print now (at least I assume so, though for all I know it may be possible to still get them via the Nihon Kiin); and there's no reason to try to get them now unless you're a collector. I've heard it claimed that the author of these is Aiko Okada, but the copies that I have just say that they're by the Nihon Kiin.

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