Handicap Go, by Nagahara Yoshiaki and Richard Bozulich. Volume 7 of the Elementary Go Series. Ishi G16; 1982.

This is the last volume of the Elementary Go Series. It covers handicap go both from the point of view of black and from the point of view of white (though the former is emphasized more), including sample games and problems. It's about general principles rather than, for example, specific handicap joseki, which I think is a good decision. I don't have strong feelings about this book, but what feelings I do have are positive.

Dan Schmidt (NNGS 5k*) says:

This is a good book, but it seems to be aimed at kyu players who are playing dan players, rather than high-kyu players who are playing mid-kyu players, so you may be disappointed if you're 15k trying to learn how to deal with your 9k friend. Most of it went over my head the first time I read it, but I read it again recently and liked it a lot more.

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