Test Your Go Strength, by Miyamoto Naoki. Ishi G18; 1975.

This is a book of whole board problems. It has three sections, namely fuseki, middle game, and endgame; the first two sections each have 20 problems, the last has 10, and each problem tells you to chose from five different moves. I enjoyed reading through the book, and learned something from the explanations of the problems that I didn't get (or even the ones that I did). I don't know how much I improved from reading the book, but then again the point of problem books isn't to teach you specific facts.

This used to be called What's Your Rating?, and they do give you a sample rating based on how many problems you get right. Don't trust that rating, though: for example, if you guess at random, the book will tell you that you're a 1 kyu. Also, 50 problems may not sound like much for a problem book, but the reason that there's so few is because the explanations of the solutions are quite detailed. And the small number of problems means that you're a lot more likely to have the energy to actually finish the book, which I often find difficult with books with lots of problems.

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