Dictionary of Basic Joseki, by Ishida Yoshio. Two volumes. Ishi G21, G22, G23/Kiseido K21; 1977.

The only comprehensive reference for joseki in English. It doesn't include all of the latest variations (it's 20 years old), and it's not encyclopedic, but what's here is more than enough for everybody but the strongest of players. And it should be a part of everybody's go reference library, at least once you reach a certain level (dan-level? Any opinions?).

The first volume was out of print but has just been reprinted by Kiseido. Also, I see comments fairly frequently by strong players on rec.games.go that these books are woefully out of date, so that could be a problem if you're a very strong amateur who plays people who know the latest variations.

Update (March 2001): for more recent comparisons of joseki books, see my review of Jungsuk in Our Time.

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