Kato's Attack and Kill, by Kato Masao. Ishi G27; 1978.

This is a book on the middle game, and in particular about attacking. The first chapter is on The Fundamentals of Attack, the second has problems, and the third, on The Birth of Killer Kato, goes through (portions of) eight of his games that illustrate his attacking style.

It's fun to read, since it's always exciting to see big groups die. On the other hand, I think that most of us amateurs spend too much time in the middle game worrying about attacking groups or trying to save our own groups, so we don't need any more encouragement. Still, if we're going to do that, we might as well do it right.

It's been a while since I read this book; I don't recall having any particularly strong positive or negative opinions about it. It's out of print.

Tom Rose (BGA 4k) says:

After one reading of Kato's Attack and Kill I had improved 2 full stones. I could comfortably and convincingly defeat opponents that previously had had no trouble beating me. Suddenly all their groups looked weak, cut-offable, and short of eye-space. Actually it wasn't even a full reading. I read the explanatory section and the eight annotated games pretty thoroughly, but skipped the problems section.

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