Beyond Forcing Moves, by Takagi Shoichi. Ishi G37; 1994.

This is a book on forcing moves, teaching you how to distinguish between forcing moves that you shouldn't play (because they remove possibilities that might be useful later) versus ones which you should play. It starts with a brief section on Basic Concepts, and then has longer sections on Putting the Concepts to Work and Masterstrokes. The latter two sections are organized into various Theme Diagrams; each Theme Diagram can be treated as a problem to work, if you feel like it.

I haven't studied this book, so I can't say much about it. I have heard other people say that they found it useful. It has an annoying printing error: the odd-numbered pages are on the left instead of the right. This means that you may want to cover up the right-hand page with a piece of paper when looking at the Theme Diagrams, since otherwise you might acciedentally see the answer. This is the last book that Ishi Press has published; it may well be the last book that Ishi Press will ever publish.

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