Positional Judgment, by Cho Chikun. Ishi G45/Kiseido K45; 1989.

The purpose of this book is to help you quickly analyze which player is ahead in a game. It tries to teach you how to count territory, estimate how much territory thickness is worth, and estimate how much territory a moyo is worth. It has two sections of problems, many examples, and analysis of two games.

This is certainly an important topic; lots of amateurs don't bother trying to estimate who is ahead and certainly don't change their play based on who is ahead, and even those of us who try aren't very good at it. You won't be all that good at it after reading this book, but then again there isn't a go book out there that will leave you an expert on its subject after reading the book. I don't think that this is a great book, but it's worth reading.

It was out of print, but Kiseido has reprinted it.

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