Strategic Concepts of Go, by Nagahara Yoshiaki. Ishi G6; 1972.

This book is a sort of sequel to Basic Techniques of Go, but it's quite different in flavor. Part One introduces eight strategic concepts, namely miai, aji, kikashi, thickness, korigatachi, furikawari, and yosu-miru; Part Two contains 72 problems. These are important concepts, and the discussions can be quite good; for example, I like the aji chapter and the long example contained in it quite a lot. I wish people good luck with the problems, especially the first time you read the book, but I do think that one can get a lot out of reading and rereading this book, and can get some things out of it that aren't presented anywhere else.

It was published in both hardcover and paperback. And actually, I'm not sure to what extend it's fair to call this a sequel to Basic Techniques of Go; maybe they're just two go books that have one author in common.

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