Deutsche Meisterschaft im Go 2007

The thin book contains all 28 games of the German Go Championship Finals 2007. 17 games are commented by different professionals. The commentaries use the most ordinary "good", "bad", "this would have been 1 point better" style. The relatively few variation diagrams per game have an above average quality for that type of basic professional commentary. However, at the same time the commentators have missed some important variations, which one would rather expect them too have seen.

A few general comments on the tournament and the players round up the book but its weak editing sometimes makes it hard to follow some move comments. Besides the player information is not just partly wrong but also unfair: For some players a lot of successes are listed while other players' achievements are missing entirely or show only some less relevant go-related feats.

If you can tolerate the typos, then it is hard to get a cheaper book with commented games written in a European language. Otherwise it is also suitable for providing a good, although selective view on the European amateur high dan playing level and its weaknesses.

Robert Jasiek <>

Date: 04 February 2008