Hankuk Kiwon Guide Book

This first, small handbook of the Korean Baduk Association is dated October 2000, has 169 pages, and the ISBN 89-7990-121-6. It has chapters about the origin of Go and the entire history of Korean Go. All information is kept very shortly but the most important events are included. For each it is clearly indicated whether it is a myth, a theory, or a fact. Further chapters deal with the structure and addresses of the KBA, its activities, Korean tournaments, and Korean internet addresses. The scope is broad while the descriptions are short. There is also a list with pictures of books published by the KBA, however, unfortunately without ISBN numbers. Another chapter shows pictures and names of all Korean professionals. Furthermore, there are pictures of KBA officials. The book shows courage to present the KBA rules of 1992, which are of a quality comparable to the Japanese 1949 rules. Two diagrams are wrongly entered during the editing stage; this may indicate that further editing mistakes might exist. Finally, a few modern games and a sketch of the KBA's situation are given.

The book is short, clear, useful, and slightly imprecise. Some time a second edition might even become comparable to The Elements of Style. Anyway, even the first edition is a remarkable feat and a worthy representation for a Go association.

Robert Jasiek <jasiek@snafu.de>

Date: 2001-03-31