Creative Shape Development

The book consists of problem positions with ca. half a dozen explanatory diagrams plus the move-sequence before each. Half the diagrams shows failures, the other half explains the solution. It always gives a very creative, unusual, and globally efficient shape evelopment, which one could have hardly found oneself and which thus encourages one's inspiration. It may include a rare tesuji but more importantly the entire correct variations provide a brilliant strategic development, which feels like a tesuji on a bigger, strategic scale. Thereby even seemingly hopeless positions suddenly become favourable.

Only the last ten problems are a test with almost off-topic examples at a much lower level and feel like a space filler. Twelve other pages in between show some additional tesujis.

Despite the teaching method and the restricted contents the book should be welcome by everybody who has rarely access to shape books and whose imagination too often just follows standard developments. The book encourages the reader to invent creative strategic flows in his games. The other books in the same author's series appear to be much less interesting; from a dan player's view the book is the series' jewel.

Robert Jasiek <>

Date: 2001-06-15