Get Strong at Handicap Go

Get Strong at Handicap Go is a new book by Kiseido. It covers handicaps from 9 to 2 and it is a problem book. The problems illustrate key moves and follow-up sequences in the fuseki or the middle game.

The problems are designed for various levels, but mainly they address stronger players. They provide a good means for improving one's abilities in fundamental strategies. This should be welcomed by dan players. Unfortunately, concepts are mostly hidden in the answer diagrams while they should be explained conceptionally and in general. Therefore the stronger you are the more you will get out of the book. Weaker players should stick to the book Handicap Go.

The provided answers often are enlightening. However, not scarcely one feels that other strategic options exist which are not given. So read the book with an open mind.

To conclude, the book is worth buying for players with some background knowledge and imperfect skills in fundamentals, so about every amateur stronger than 5kyu.

Robert Jasiek <>

Date: 1998/11/18