Master of Haengma

The book discusses the haengma of the urgent places in (problem) positions by providing ca. half a dozen to a dozen analysis diagrams each. Usually but not always their selection is convincing. The book starts with easy problems (simple extensions) and ends with rather difficult problems (interaction of ca. two subpositions' haengma).

All analysis concentrates on haengma. Thereby the reader learns this concept firmly and this makes the book very useful. In view of the total haengma gap in English literature everybody should read the Korean haengma books. The other haengma book, Haengma Cyclopedia, covers (maybe accidentally) also a lot of strategic concepts while the reader might lose track of the central topic more easily. Therefore both books should be read. The topic is too fundamental to be missed any longer.

Robert Jasiek <>

Date: 2001-07-05