Modern Dictionary of Life and Death

This book contains 290 life and death problems in the corner or on the side with three answer diagrams for each. They are or resemble standard patterns or variations on them, look easy, but are much tougher than one expects. This selection is ideal for training reading skill. There is hardly any problem book that would deserve more repeated study until all problems can be solved in an instant. This book is a must. In general the book series is interesting for studying by examples.

Although not necessary, the contents is also provided on a CD for Windows (it has worked with Windows98SE/German). The interface is Korean but intuitive. Graphics are good. Additionally there are buttons that apparently are meant for playing move by move (and possibly further features?), however, this has not worked when trying to execute it directly from the CD. Otherwise the program autoruns from the CD or can also be installed on harddisk. It leaves some traces in system files but does not seem to do other harm. HTM information pages launch your standard browser automatically and would prefer to see ActiveX enabled. To summarize, forget about the CD unless you prefer to view and solve the problems on your screen.

Robert Jasiek <>

Date: 21 Jun 2002