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Typically there are 9 diagrams on every page. Each problem diagram has 2 solutions or 1 solution and 1 failure next to it. The answers are well chosen and respresentative. The index may be misused as a problem book.

The not specified difficulty ranges from 10 kyu to 6 dan. Most problems are 5 kyu to 3 dan. Each chapter has increasingly interesting problems. All problems are well known from various other sources. However, the scope of different shapes (like block), methods (like atari), and functions (like press) is exceptional. Also the selection of problems is broad and representative. They cover everything from basic knowledge to advanced knowledge. The book leaves out beginner problems and most difficult problems. By dans most presented problems can be solved within seconds or minutes. For solving one needs creativity to cope with unexpected and varying features, although the tesuji classification greatly eases accessability.


Normal problem books do not have the answers next to the problems and are cheaper per problem while having similar contents. If you just look for many problems, then you should prefer problem books for your desired level and difficulty. The tesuji encyclopedia is exactly what its name suggests. Every usual and unusual tesuji more or less regularly occurring in professional play is treated. As a simple reference work the book might be too expensive. You should buy the book if you want to have an ultimate source for broad and extensive study. You might decide to wait several years (decades?) until a database might be offered with even much better reference and sorting tools. If you are looking for exceptional difficulty, then stick to the classics instead.


You should consider shipping/handling and import taxes as well as money transfer fees. If you have a friend who gets a 20% reduction in the Nihon Kiin shop, then you might get the book a little cheaper. Waiting for good money exchange rates might be a good idea. If you have enough money to sponsor the well known retailer, then you can also get the encyclopedia at once for $380 (around twice the original price).

Many thanks to the kind person of delivery!

Robert Jasiek <jasiek@snafu.de>

Date: 2000/01/02