Go / Regeln, Varianten, Spielereien

The booklet contains a more or less representative random selection of 56 basic variants and a few further subvariants. You find some popular as well as some never-heard-of variants while other important or immaterial variants are simply missing. There are go variants for the regular go board, for other boards, with other stones, or with other playing material and a few fundamentally other games on the go board. Every variant is explained by short rules and some have supporting examples.

If you look for precise rules, then you will be disapppointed: a lot of mistakes, gaps, and imprecision occur. However, the booklet is a reasonable aid for playing fun variants, if the reader wants to be a little creative and correct or complete the rules himself, where necessary.

Robert Jasiek <jasiek@snafu.de>

Date: 6 March 2003