Rin Kaiho's Fuseki Dictionary

Several players have asked me to give more details about Rin Kaiho's fuseki dictionary, so here is a review. The book consists of two volumes, has a regular go book format, altogether 1000 pages, good hardcover (PVC) binding, marvellous paper, clear printing. There are a Japanese and a Taiwanese edition, which appearently are almost the same, except for the language. The book is available from Yutopian, also from Kiseido, as I have heard. The price is most reasonable.

The diagrams of ca. 1000 games with ca. the first 70 moves each are given. About 10% of the games is distributed on ca. 4 diagrams each and additionally have ca. 16 variation diagrams plus comments each. You have a good chance of getting the gist of the diagrams if you are German 2k or stronger. The selection of the games and variations is excellent. All historically important games are included and denoted by their dates. The range of covered fusekis is great, well indexed, and covers traditional as well as modern styles.

To summarize, it is the ultimate book on the topic and should be read by every serious advanced player. It is as crucial as Ishida's Dictionary of Basic Joseki.

Robert Jasiek <jasiek@snafu.de>

Date: 1998/11/30