Get Strong at Invading, by Richard Bozulich. Kiseido K55; 1995.

This is a volume consisting of 171 problems about invading. It's divided up into sections on invasions on the side, invasions in the corner, and invading large territories. Complicated situations are often broken up into multiple problem on consecutive pages.

I tried to work through this book without much success: it's very hard to concentrate all the way through a book like this, or even through a significant portion, since each problem demands decent instincts and a fair amount of reading to back up your instincts, much more reading than in a typical tesuji or life-and-death problem. On the other hand, I don't really know of any other way to teach you how to invade, and other people out there are probably better at reading this kind of book than I am. So go for it, and you might want to plan to only read one part of the book, since otherwise you'll probably burn out.

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