Tournament Go 1992, compiled and translated by John Power. Power Publications PP1; 1996.

This is a yearbook of Japanese Professional Go in 1992. It contains the games from the title matches of the seven big Japanese tournaments that year, as well as the title match of the Tong Yang Securities cup, the Japan-China Tengen and Meijin playoffs, and the sixth game of the Japan-China Super Go. There's also some other information about the year.

The pages are Go World-sized, and the commentaries are somewhat more detailed than you'd find in Go World. They're written by various different people in various different styles; I found that to be refreshing. Kobayashi Koichi was in the finals of six of the seven top Japanese tournaments in 1992, so sometimes this book seems to be all about him; but he's always playing against different people, so if you're not a big Kobayashi fan, don't worry. The reason that this book exists is that Go World didn't come out in 1992, so those games aren't available in English; so while it would be nice to see more of these books, don't hold your breath. The book is distributed by Kiseido.

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