Steppingstones to Go, by Kishikawa Shigemi. Tuttle; 1965.

This is an introductory go book. Almost all of the book is devoted to making sure that you understand the rules and their immediate applications (e.g. that two eyes make life); there's also a bit of tactics and some problems. More than half of the pages are completely devoted to diagrams; it's great to see all those diagrams, but I'd prefer smaller diagrams appearing right above or next to where they are mentioned in the text. As it is, you have to flip back and forth between pages a lot.

It's a reasonable beginners' book. It doesn't cover much ground and its clunky style can get to you after a while. It's main advantage is that it's by far the best Tuttle go book, so it might be available where others aren't; however, if you can get a hold of a better beginners' book, I'd recommend that you do so.

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