Proverbs, by The Nihon Kiin. Yutopian Y23; 1998.

This is a book of proverbs; it's taken from a series of Nihon Kiin handbooks called the Small Encyclopedia series. (There's no author listed, so I'm just listing the Nihon Kiin as the author.) It has three introductory chapters, two on "The Early Game", and 6 on "The Stones Go Walking". Not everything in it is a proverb: there are also some basic, non-proverb facts that you should know about such as "Connections: tight, hanging, and knight's". But everything in it is good to know about. Really, I'd recommend this book for almost anybody with a few introductory books under their belt: if you're starting out, you'll get exposed to lots of key facts and ideas, and even if you're more experienced, you never know what proverbs will strike you as something to pay more attention to in your games. With about 150 proverbs in it, everybody will find something in it.

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