100 Challenging Go Problems for 100 Days of Study, by The Nihon Kiin. Yutopian Y5; 1995.

This book contains 100 problems from Kido magazine's "Challenge Corner". I've looked at the problems at the beginning of the book, and they're quite hard; I'm an AGA 2 kyu, and I was pretty flummoxed by them. Basically, if you have a hard enough time figuring out where the big area to play is and what a standard move to play there is then this book isn't for you, because the problems are subtler than that. But if you're dan-level, give it a shot; I suspect that it's pretty good, but I'd appreciate it if strong players could give me feedback on how they feel about it.

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Tom Rose (BGA 4k) says:

I started to work seriously at Go a few months ago, rated 10kyu (BGA). I looked at this book and couldn't do a single problem. I am now 4kyu and still can't score better than chance on these problems. I have tried some of the problems out on my stronger friends. Every level from 3kyu to 3dan. None of them can do any of the problems I showed them.

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