Utilizing Outward Influence, by Jin Jiang and Zhao Zheng. Yutopian Y7; 1995.

This is a book on influence. It has a chapter on basic concepts, one of problems, and one with more discussion.

I didn't like the first and third chapters very much. They consisted of diagram after diagram, without very much discussion and without much discussion of consequences. If you're comfortable with why outward influence will help you, then that might not be so much of a problem, and just seeing good positions will be enough; but if you're not very good at using outward influence once you've got it, this book won't help you. (Maybe it should be called `Forming Outward Influence'...)

I did like the chapter of problems, though. It's divided into elemntary/intermediate and advanced/dan level sections. I'm an AGA 2k; I got most of the elementary/intermediate problems right, and I hope that I learned something from the explanations of those that I didn't get right. I didn't have as good a record with the advanced/dan level ones, but the solutions were still helpful and I think that once I improve more (or get more patient at thinking about problems before flipping to the solutions!) I'll get more out of those, too.

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