The Chinese Opening, by Kato Masao. Ishi G33/Kiseido K33; 1989.

This is a book on the Chinese opening. In algebraic notion, black's first three moves are Q16, Q3, and then either Q9 or R9. It's supposed to be somewhat balanced between influence and territory, so it's not as biased towards influence as is, say, the sanren-sei. The chapters in the book are on The Concept of the Chinese Fuseki, The Star-Point Stone, The 3-4 Point Stone, Large-Scale Frameworks - Building and Destroying, The Two-Space High Pincer, and The Chinese Fuseki in Action.

I haven't played the Chinese opening much, so I don't have a lot to say about this book; if you're interested in playing the Chinese opening, it does seem like a good book. The section on the magic sword joseki is useful for anybody, especially since it's not covered in 38 Basic Joseki. (It is covered in Ishida's dictionary.) This book has just been reprinted by Kiseido.

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