Modern Opening, by Kweon Kyeong-un.

This book is very similar to Fuseki Dictionary (Rin Kaiho) but has only 28% of its number of pages. Several types of fuseki are covered but naturally not too many and only few examples per type. Again there are commented fusekis in between a greater number of single fuseki diagrams. Commenting means to show a fuseki position, its prior move-sequence, almost half a dozen diagrams elaborating a few key aspects during the sequence, and about a dozen of game continuing moves. One might miss the full game continuation.

Only modern opening thinking is treated - whether in traditional or in innovative fuseki patterns. The strong point is the book's concentration on modern thinking, modern development of tactics and strategies, and modern opening patterns. Although sadly the only teaching method is examples, demonstration of the modern is taught convincingly, skillful, and broad in scope. Not only does the reader gain a lot of new insight but he is also motivated to extend his view and playing style.

To summarize, Modern Opening is a very useful supplement to Fuseki Dictionary (Rin Kaiho), covers the modern aspects, and offers insight more densely. Methodical teaching has to be missed but for the low price one could hardly expect to find a better book.

Robert Jasiek <>

Date: 03 Nov 2001