Go Proverbs Illustrated, by Segoe Kensaku. Nihon Kiin; 1960.

This is (surprise, surprise) a book of go proverbs. It lists 43 proverbs, and for each proverb it gives between 1 and 17 pages of commentary and examples, averaging about 5 or 6 pages. The first quarter or so of the book is devoted to life-and-death proverbs; it then moves into tesujis and ends up with general principles.

It's a nice book. It was one of the first non-introductory books available, and there wasn't anything like it currently in print. However, much of the material in this one can be found in other books; for example, the various life and death books contain all of the information in the life and death proverbs in this book, and similarly most of the other proverbs can be found elsewhere. Still, it's nice to have them collected in this book.

Ishi and Kiseido have tried to get rights to reprint this book (it was going to be Ishi G20), but apparently two different people have copyrights on different parts of it and it's impossible to get permission from both of them. Fortunately, Yutopian has just brought out a quite good book of Proverbs. If you just want a list of proverbs without commentary, you can find one here.

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