Lee Changho's Novel Plays and Shapes, by Lee Changho. Yutopian Y26; 2000.

This is a book on new plays, typically new corner sequences. (I hesitate to call them joseki both because they haven't had time to be accepted and because, interestingly, some of the sequences that are presented ultimately get a negative verdict.) It considers fifteen such sequences, and each chapter averages around 15 pages, with two diagrams per page. So you get a lot of close analysis of variations, especially in the earlier chapters (which are longer than later chapters).

If that's what you're looking for, I expect that this is a rather good book. I, personally, didn't have the patience to seriously read through all of that stuff, but I'd probably be a better go player if I did take the time to go through books like this.

Read Robert Jasiek's review.

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