Old Go Books

This is a list of old English-language go books that I know of that aren't included in my bibliography. There are also some new books that I haven't yet bought that are listed on my ToDo list; see also the forthcoming books.

This list is taken from the bibliography in the 1996 AGA Historical Book, which is a must for any serious go book collector. Craig has really done a good job with that, and it contains many more items than are listed here. I would also like to thank Theo van Ees for sending me a copy of some go bibliographies that he and Robert Karner compiled.

My selection of what to include is quite arbitrary. I'm (usually) not including multiple different books published by one author, on the theory that those are probably different editions of the same book. I'm not including indices, books commemorating a certain event, most pamphlets (books less than about 40 or 50 pages), novels, that Boorman book, books that are only partially or tangentially about go, books that aren't in English.

If you have a copy of one of these books that you'd like to review and it's not listed here, I'd be happy to include a review of the book by you in the bibliography. Also, I'm looking for copies of any of the books listed here. If you have a copy of any of those that you'd like to sell, send me e-mail. (I'm also looking for Go Para Principiantes, by Iwamoto Kaoru)


Here are the books. I've arbitrarily defined a book to be anything 50 pages or longer. This list is intended to be complete; e-mail me if you have additions or corrections.


Here are the pamphlets, defined as anything shorter than 50 pages. Actually, some of these books are longer than that, but they're here anyways, for no particular reason. This list isn't at all complete, and just lists some of the more famous ones. If you want a complete list, get the AGA Historical Book; it's cheap and much more complete than this will ever be. If you have suggestions for pamphlets to add to this list, e-mail them to me.

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