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[Note: the following reviews were posted by Robert Jasiek to over the last few years. He's kindly given me permission to make a web page for them; but keep in mind that they were originally written over a long span of time for a different medium, and neither he nor I has the time to edit them into a uniform format. They're in chronological order, so the newest reviews are at the top of their respective sections. - David Carlton]

Go ISBN Rating List. [This file contains rating information about many books, including the books listed below, as well as some information about Robert's classification scheme. In addition, the list of ISBN numbers given here has been proofread more carefully than those in the reviews; if you find any places where they conflict, please e-mail me. - David]

European-Language Books

Korean Books

Japanese and/or Chinese Books

[The following comments explaining his rating system are taken from a review dated 2001-06-12. See also Robert's Go ISBN Rating List. - David]

For less confusion now I use a simplified rating scale with the following values:

Rank Improvement is after reading once. Most books qualify as - or -- because they are considerably away from ++ books.

Topic Coverage refers to covering all 9p knowledge. Thus most books qualify as --, which is harsh but necessary:)

Aims' Achievement generously assumes the author to have intended the teaching result. So many books should have + or ++.

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