David Carlton's Go Bibliography, Organized by Subject

This is the version of the go bibliography that's organized by subject. You should read absolutely nothing into the order into which books are listed within each subject.

Beginners' Books.

This section contains books that are designed either to introduce you to the game or to be the second book that you read once you've learned the rules. If you're at that stage of the game, the version of the bibliography organized by difficulty gives advice about which book to choose.

General Principles.

This section contains books that aren't about one specific aspect of the game.

The Opening and Joseki.

Cosmic Go could also be listed here.


Life and Death.

The Middle Game.

The Endgame.

Handicap Go.

Collections of Games.

General collections of problems.

These are collections of problems that aren't specific to one aspect of the game.

Other Books.

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